• All aspects of foot & ankle elective & trauma surgery
  • Hallux valgus (bunion) surgery
  • Ankle Ligament Repair
  • Diabetic Foot
  • Foot and Ankle Injury
  • Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • Fusion of Big Toe
  • Lesser toe surgery
  • Arthroscopy ankle, subtalar joints and guided fusions
  • Deformity correction
  • Sports injuries
  • Ankle replacement
  • Tendon transfer
  • Rheumatoid Foot
  • Joint fusions
  • Subtalar Arthroscopy

What treatment can you get from GP before considering referral to the foot and ankle specialist?
Range of non-operative measures could be tried for the foot and ankle problems before considering surgical intervention. You would find more information in patient information for individual conditions and in the G.P. foot and ankle referral guidelines (click here for to download the document).

In the referral letter please mention, previous treatment undertaken, any significant past medical history and current medications.

What is the procedure for follow-up after surgery?
You can find all the post-op follow up information in the document here. (click here to download the document)

What Xrays are needed for foot and ankle problems?
Except acute trauma, prefer weight bearing radiographs (standing views) for all the foot and ankle conditions.
For ankle, hindfoot and midfoot conditions such as arthritis, flat feet, tibialis posterior and peroneal tendon problems
• AP weight-bearing of ankle
• AP weight-bearing of foot
• Lateral weight-bearing of whole foot including ankle
Forefoot conditions such as bunions, hallux rigidus, metatarsalgia, lesser toe deformities
• AP weight-bearing of foot
• Lateral weight-bearing of whole foot including ankle
Non-weight bearing oblique view is recommended for problems involving the 4th, 5th metatarsal or Tarso-metatarsal joints.

When do I request ultrasound?
Ultrasound is useful in diagnosing soft tissue conditions and guided injections for diagnostic and therapeutic value. However, the efficacy is operator dependent. So, please refer to the radiologist who has more knowledge and experience in musculo-skeletal radiology. Ultrasound could be arranged prior to referral for the following conditions.
• Achilles tendon problems
• Tibialis posterior tendon problems
• Peroneal tendon problems
• Soft tissue swelling, when the diagnosis is in doubt
• Mortons neuroma/ Inter-metatarsal bursitis and guided injection
• Plantar fasciitis and guided injection

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