To book an appointment you can contact the hospital closer to you:

BMI The Meridian
Hospital, Walsgrave Hospital Site, Clifford Bridge Road,
Coventry, CV2 2LQ

Warwickshire Nuffield
Hospital Old Milverton Lane,
Leamington Spa,
CV32 6RW
Tel: 01926 436351

Spire Parkway Hospital
1 Damson Parkway,
West Midlands B91 2PP

You can also book an appointment by email or by calling my secretary on 07881434444

Frequently asked questions for appointments

Do I need a referral letter from G.P.?
You don’t need a referral letter to make an appointment but require a referral letter for consultation. The referral letter will have vital information about your general health and previous treatment. You can bring the referral letter or ask your G.P. to post or fax to the BMI Meriden hospital.
BMI The Meriden Hospital
Walsgrave Hospital site
Clifford Bridge road
Coventry CV2 2LQ

What are the Payment terms?
Uninsured/ self-paying patient:
New patient or first consultation costs £200 Follow-up consultation costs from £90 to £120 depending on the consultation time.
The invoice will be sent in few days after the consultation. Payment should be made by cheque within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. For investigations like blood tests, xray, scans and surgical procedures you would make a payment directly to the hospital.

Insured patients
Handover the insurance policy number during your first consultation. The authorisation procedure may vary depending on whom you are insured with but, advised to keep the insurance provider informed. Before any investigation like scans, physiotherapy, surgical procedures or further follow-up appointments get approval from your insurance provider. If surgery is planned, you will be given a surgical code to inform your insurance provider.

What do I need to bring along for my consultation?
It would be very helpful if you could get
- Referral letter from your G.P.
- List of regular medications
- Any relevant Xrays or Scans taken elsewhere
- You insurance provider with policy number

What could be the outcome of consultation?
- Referred for Physiotherapy or Orthotics
- Recommend surgery
- Referred for further investigation
- Advised injection into the foot/ankle joint
- Reassurance and advised to arrange followup appointment if the condition change
Further investigation or injection into the joint can be performed on the same day or at a later date. required.

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